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  • Eric was raised to believe that happiness is a priority and that bringing happiness to others is top priority. Eric began his artistry by sketching images of his family with a simple pencil and paper. Eric still enjoys creating portraits of his family, but really loves being able to make other families happy with his artistic talents. When Eric is taking a break, he likes spending time at the beach with his dog Porky, his favorite muse.
    Originally from New York, Kenny has always been fascinated with the Arts. As a teen he would frequently visit popular art museums, and spend hours admiring the beautiful artwork. He would then go home to polish his own skills, after being inspired by legendary artists that he considered his heroes. Kenny enjoys photography and travel. He also likes spending time with his wife June, and their new parrot Joey.
    Keeping up with four brothers was difficult at times. But, they were well worth the trouble when they would stay still long enough for Mary have a subject matter to draw. Mary grew up with a lot of love, and enjoys helping others give special gifts to family and friends through her art work. Mary enjoys annual fishing trips with her brothers, and is a self-proclaimed master fish fryer.
    Taylor considers herself to be a busy bee that enjoys activities like Yoga, palates, hiking. She believes that keeping a smile on your face can only bring joy to others; she says that smiles are ‘contagious’. Originally from Florida, Taylor relocated to be closer to her sister and pursue a fabulous career in the field of art. Taylor considers her sister to be her best friend.
    Paul is the newest member of our team, and has become very well liked within our family of talented artists. Paul is a huge soccer fan, and he enjoys watching it, as well as playing it in his free time. Paul’s interests include art, art history, and graphic design. He enjoys skateboarding and spending time with friends and his longtime girlfriend Pam.
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"Thank you for the great artwork you did for Stacy's birthday. It is the highlight of the year for both of us..."
Mike Stauffer
"Quality was exceptional!" Your talent is truly wonderful and we are thrilled to have your art work in our home..."
John Bartholomew
"I am very pleased with the service & quality I got from Fine Pop Art... Would have no hesitation in recommending them..."
Charlotte Thomas
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    Birthday boy - Man on canvas  Nov 2012
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        Conan O'Brien art museum
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