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  • How Do we Create Each Picture. As a customer you may be wondering what creative works go into your Artwork. You may be wondering what a day-in-the-life of our Art specialists may be. We would like to walk you through what a day is like for our Art Team, and what goes into your unique and special Pop Art here at Fine Pop Art.''Each morning our Art Specialists gather for a team meeting. We take special care to review all of the new pictures we received the previous day. We discuss the best approach for each photo according to the customer's requests and the photo attributes. We talk about the best concept, colors, backgrounds and any other special touches that may be in order. ''During our Team meeting, a manager assigns 2 of our professional designers, which are specialists in that specific style, to work together on your project. They are asked to bring their design to the team the following day. The team will give them feedback, constructive reviews, and advises the designers how to finalize the artwork.''The next day ' the designers submit the finished artwork to their manager for final review and approval. Then we send the approved artwork to the customer for his/her approval. We send 3 variations of the designed artwork to choose from. If the customer approves we send it to printing & framing and then our

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    warehouse for shipping.''If the customer does not approve ' the design goes back to the board with the customer's review/remarks for corrections and re-submit.''As you can see, a lot of hard work and consideration for our customer needs, and satisfaction take top priority. We make certain that each and every piece of Artwork is of the highest quality. Our Art Team is committed to providing our customers and their products with the utmost care and special attention.

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"Thank you for the great artwork you did for Stacy's birthday. It is the highlight of the year for both of us..."
Mike Stauffer
"Quality was exceptional!" Your talent is truly wonderful and we are thrilled to have your art work in our home..."
John Bartholomew
"I am very pleased with the service & quality I got from Fine Pop Art... Would have no hesitation in recommending them..."
Charlotte Thomas
  • Fine Art Pop
    Birthday boy - Man on canvas  Nov 2012
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